Hooked in the Mouth!!


Jeff Adams gets my vote for tough cat of the year…while fishing the lower Rogue River, he took this treble hook to the chops when a fish his buddy had on popped off at the boat and sent the hook flying.

Luckily, he didn’t lose any teeth in the affair as the heavy lure came back at him at 100 mph. Jeff went to see a local doctor in Gold Beach who, upon seeing the extent of his injury, referred him onto a surgeon in Gold Beach. In the end, Jeff was okay but he required several stitches…

Takes one to know one! (2010 Smoker of the Year Contest)

Who's who in this pic??

Okay, so I have to admit that some of my favorite Smoker of the Year Contest submissions come from folks who send pix of their fishing buddies in…without letting their pals know first! A little “under the bus smokering” if you will! Always funny and all in good fun!

That’s clearly the case with this big, 40-pound dark Rogue River buck caught by Darrell Castle on the Rogue River earlier this month. Castle’s brother Daren snapped the pic and did the dastardly deed of sending it in to be considered in out 2010 version of the Smoker Contest. The only problem is Daren forgot to label which one’s the Smoker and which one’s his brother….aaaawwwwww….sorry…low blow! Just kidding!